MMAnews exclusive: Aisling Daly interview

20 Sierpień 2010
MMAnews exclusive: Aisling Daly interview


Aisling Daly is young star of female MMA, with record of 9 wins and no losses. She’s going to debut in Bellator in two weeks. We were lucky enought to talk to her in a gap between her trainings. 

Congratulations! You have just signed with contract with Bellator which is one of leading organisations in USA. How did it happen?
Thank you I’m over the moon about it. I heard about the Bellator tournament early on this year and really wanted to take part. I made a conscious effort then to make some waves on the internet to get some notice. I also got a new international manager Manos Terzitane who got in contact with Bellator and pushed for me to be in the tournament.
Bellator set a great card for this tournament. You?ll have a chance to fight against Megumi Fuji. Are you exited about that?
I’m very excited to face Megumi at some stage. She is the best in the world and that’s why I compete in this sport. I want to be the best and the only way to do that is to compete against the best. I look forward to this fight.
Lets go back to your martial arts origins. Your first gym was Karate Kempo. Why 10 year old girl goes to the club like that?
I was always very sporty as a child and I participated in alot of sports. In my local youth club they offered activities such as soccer, basketball and art. These were not so interesting to me so when the club offered Karate as an activity it excited me and I decided to give it a try.

How did you start with BJJ?
I was first introduced to BJJ at about 14 years old. My Karate Instructor at the time Ian Ward was already training BJJ with John Kavanagh in SBG. Once a week after karate training a group of us would do some BJJ basics. It was maybe another year or 2 before I left karate training and started to focus on MMA, then at 18 after receiving my blue belt from Matt Thornton at a seminar I joined SBG and began training under John Kavanagh.
You have been one of SBG students for years, now you have your own class. It has very scary name: Womens Only Ultimate Fighting Fitness. What it?s all about?

The Ultimate Fighting Fitness Classes are all about fitness for women. The class is more focused on cardio and endurance drills that I’d use to get ready for a fight. The ladies can do the drills and exercises to achieve a high level of fitness but the class doesn’t involve any contact, so basically it’s getting fit like a fighter without the contact.

You were one of the top fighters of Cage Rage in the UK. You had 5 fights winning streak would you talk about that?
The time I spent with Cage Rage was great, they really seemed interested in promoting female MMA within the Uk and Ireland. They ran into some financial difficulty in the end and that’s how I stopped fighting for them. I suppose it’s good that happened as I probably wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity I have now otherwise. The 5 fight win streak is now 9 and I have no plans to stop at that so maybe I can talk about the streak if it ever ends!
Lets talk about women’s? MMA scene. Most of the girls have problems contracting a fight but surprisingly there?s some kind of fashion to have girls fighting in the show. Strikeforce has just contracted Meisha Tate, Bellator is making big tournament. Cris Cyborg is a big star. It is contradicting itself, isn’t it?
I don’t think the same problems exist the US at they do in Europe for finding fights. The scene is way more active, there’s alot more girls fighting and there’s alot more competiton aswell as platforms to showcase skills. There’s so much activity going on at roots level that just isn’t really talked about in the media. I suppose there’s lots of opportunity in the states to fight just not all girls are fortunate enough to get the big contracts. In Europe the scene is still pretty small with little opportunities.
In Bellator you?re facing Lisa Ward. She?s an excellent grappler. What do you think about her?
I think Lisa Ward is a great opponent, she’s highly skilled, has a great reputation & has been around this game longer than me. I really can’t wait to fight her, it’s the perfect opportunity to display my skills and show the world what Ais the Bash is capable of!
In several upcoming weeks we?re going to follow your preparation for the fight. What is the hardest thing for you in the workout?
Physically there is no part of the work out I find too demanding. My body is a fantastic machine with great cardio and endurance. Although the toughest drills we do are usually based around strongman training things like prowler runs, sled drills and farmers walks are all great for getting work capacity up.
Thank you for the interview and good luck!!
Thanks very much for interviewing me! 🙂

Daly has finished 8 of her 9 wins before 3rd round. Hesr last fight took place in July 2009. She won then with Maiju Kujalę from Finland (the Finnish has just signed with  Strikeforce).

And here is one of Ais the Bash Cage Rage fights. Bellator is scheduled for August 26th in  Kansas City. Lets get ready to rumble!

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