Brian Stann zrezygnował z roli komentatora UFC

22 Sierpień 2017
Brian Stann zrezygnował z roli komentatora UFC

Spokojnie, nie ma skandalu. Jak poinformował emerytowany zawodnik UFC – Brian Stann, teraz został również emerytowanym komentatorem, bo wczoraj publicznie ogłosił swoją rezygnację. Zaledwie cztery lata po tym, jak po pamiętnym pojedynku z Wanderleiem Silvą, zawiesił rękawice na kołku i odnalazł się w roli wygadanego specjalisty od MMA.

I am announcing my departure from calling fights w/ the UFC. I have been offered an amazing leadership role with a fast growing Real Estate Firm and will be attending Northwestern (Kellogg) for my executive MBA this fall. Thank you to everyone for years of support, especially the athletes and coaches whom I love deeply. I will continue to be a huge MMA supporter and attend many events. Thank you to everyone from FOX and Zuffa who helped me so much in this journey. @jon_anik you are my brother and that will never change, and I cannot tell you how important your friendship has been to me. My wife @teressa_stann who has endured so much and supported me through war, fighting, and now this transition, I love forever and thank you so much. This move is to focus more on my family. I traveled 26 weekends last year for work while also working a full time job. Transition and change are a part of life and I am really excited to prove my worth to my new company and hopefully showcase the diverse skills military veterans and mixed martial artists possess. Thank you all. – Brian

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Hmmm… od żołnierza przez zawodnika UFC, aż do sprzedawcy nieruchomości? Chael Sonnen już tam był, ale w odwrotnej kolejności.